Crow Boot
(Charcot Restraint Orthotic Walker)

The C.R.O.W. is a combination of an ankle foot othosis and a custom boot. The C.R.O.W. was developed for patients with severe charcot changes of the foot and ankle where a more traditional means of treatment was not satisfactory. The device is in essence a bivalved copolymer full foot enclosure ankle foot orthosis with a rocker bottom sole built on the device.
The orthosis is fully lined with a custom foot insert and custom formed to a plastic impression of the patients affected limb. Appropriate modifications are performed to the impression, which permits for equal weight distribution through the limb and foot. The C.R.O.W. can be modified within limits to accommodate changes by flaring, adding padding and trimming where and when appropriate. It is very useful in protecting the patient from further breaks but not 100% as patients can and do fracture in plastic and fiberglass casts.
The C.R.O.W. is easy to don and doff. Patients can bathe daily and maintain proper hygiene. Many patients learn to drive with the C.R.O.W. Over all the acceptance is good due to availability of colors in the copolymers. The ability to bathe and sleep with freedom from a cast makes the C.R.O.W. a great asset.